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How to choose a Ballet School for your child?

Ballet is a beautiful art form, express by the movement of the human body. Through ballet, we express a story, a thought or emotion. As a matter of fact, Ballet can be magical and exciting to the eyes. Uniquely, Ballet has its rich history and fully developed vocabulary system in the French language.
As a parent, you want the best for your child. For instance, practising ballet helps bring out the greatness in your child. It is scientifically proven that ballet offers various potential benefits for children. With this in mind, here at English Ballet Academy™, we help you explore the benefits of ballet for your child.
• Physical Literary: In essence, ballet provides the foundation of all forms of movements and activities for a child. For examples, gymnastics, syncronised swimming, football, ice-skating. Whichever your child may choose in the future, ballet would benefit your child and set him/her up at a better starting point. Ballet is the basis of all sports particularly those requires artistry, such as grace, spatial awareness, and musicality. Moreover, ballet is the discipline that benefits children to outshine in various other sports. It can help them in learning other forms of dances too. Through ballet, your child develops a positive attitude in becoming a better student, a better sportsman and of course a better dancer. It fills a child with confidence and discipline.
• Awareness: The National Dance Education Organization states that through ballet children improve their sensory awareness and cognition. It includes devotion, memory, knowledge and full consciousness. These are skills that benefit your child in all areas of life. • Physical Fitness: To begin with, we know ballet is not a sport. But the study and training of ballet have several of the same physical benefits you would develop from contributing to the sport. Ballerinas spend countless hours cautiously positioning their bodies into different challenging poses. By holding these postures efficiently, their body can gain flexibility, steadiness, and strength quickly.
• Coordination: Ballet is the ideal activity if your child is not doing well academically or finding difficulty in concentrating in class. Straightaway, joining a ballet class will help your little one in challenging their mental level in different ways. Most importantly, it establishes the art of coordination in your child.
• Posture: Likewise, most importantly ballet class will teach your child upright position as she learns to retain her shoulders straight, chin raised, and toes pointed.
Ballet develops gracefulness and a lean feminine body in your child without looking like a strong athlete.
However, it is not startling that mothers sign their tiny tots for ballet. Instead of wishing their daughters become beautiful ballerinas, they desire their daughters achieve good posture, beauty, and composure. Learning ballet is beneficial for your little boy too. Male ballet dancers turn out to be resilient and athletic. Furthermore, according to research, male ballet dancers are fitter and can keep going for long as compared to athletes.
• Connection: Also, at our school, ballet routines are held for groups. Children develop a bond with each other because of the countless hours spent together in the studio.
Exercise links with many valuable benefits. Hence, English Ballet Academy™ believes ballet is the best and ideal source of enrichment for children. Above and beyond learning and practicing the traditional techniques of dance, ballet lessons help in adopting a positive self-image in children. Also, ballet communicates skill, grace, composure, discipline. Most importantly, confidence in the little ones.
How to choose a ballet school is often a challenging question for many intending student or parent.
Up to the present time, one has to recognize that there is no government regulation requiring a dance teacher to have any qualifications. Anyone can open a dance studio and commence teaching. This further confuses intending parents when finding a ballet school for their child.
However, worth to note that what sets English Ballet Academy™ apart from other ballet centres or music centres' ballet classes is that, English Ballet Academy engages highly qualified ballet mistress in planning the curriculum and monitoring the ballet school. This measure ensures the quality of education that your child is receiving in English Ballet Academy™ is superior.
It is close to impossible to pass on knowledge if one has not gained structured qualifications. It is important that a ballet teacher has qualifications and skills specialized in Classical Ballet. In contrast to dance in general. Ballet teacher should receive teachers' training from a highly regarded awarding organization such as RAD (Royal Academy of Dance). Alternatively, any other regional bodies such as CSTD, ATOD, or specialised ballet school, such as English Ballet Academy's Teacher Training Program. Important to realize, artistic director of English Ballet Academy is a highly qualified ballet professional that has achieved the best result in the highest vocational ballet training. This measure will ensure the technical knowledge imparted to your child is highly professional.
Children attempting for the exams too young too early will risk damaging students’ development. Due to the strict demands of English Ballet™'s curriculum, English Ballet Academy™ advocates safe dance practice and observes minimum age rule. The minimum age rule is in place to guide students through proper ballet technique development at an appropriate age in accordance with safe dance practice. Minimum ages align with the period of training when students are commencing learning the work, rather than when they enter their external exams. The age group for each level is listed here.
The English Ballet Academy™ adopts its own unique ballet training methods in all ballet classes. Your child will receive well-rounded ballet education and develop proper ballet technique here. Following English Ballet ™ education program, your child will develop:
• Proper ballet technique;
• Great character;
• Language and social skills. The English Ballet Academy's unique program has 4 levels. The student has to pass all the programs at each level in order to promote to the next level. Each level takes 2-4 years to complete, in general.
The levels go from 1 to 4, 4 is advanced level. Eligible students may offer co-curriculum programs, overseas performances, external certification and many other public performance opportunities. Details of programs can be found at PROGRAMMES.
• Program Lead by Highly Qualified Ballet Mistress: First and foremost, we employ teachers with minimum EBA level 4, equivalent or higher, that have dance experience and training in ballet. Furthermore, all classes and instructors are supervised by the Artistic Director to ensure delivery of proper methods.
• Organized Curriculum: We offer a well-structured program for each level according to English Ballet's teaching methodology. Moreover, we have evaluation procedures in place to recognize students who have accomplished the technique and skills for their present level before promoting them to the next level.
• Solid Foundation: The purpose of our dance school is to guarantee your child’s unceasing, safe growth and development as a ballerina. Likewise, we understand performances can be a fun and significant part of that development. But English Ballet Academy will make sure not to let it replace a basic prominence upon constructing a strong, technical foundation.
• Constructive Environment: One of the benefits of ballet training is learning that it is essential to have a disciplined attitude to mastering any difficult skill. For this reason, English Ballet Academy provides all the fundamentals necessary to encourage a sense of disciplined training, as well as a positive learning environment.
Overall: Ultimately, we take pride in raising the standard and providing the best ballet education in Southern Johor. Similarly, we value education and do not compromise the quality. We are proud to provide professional teaching methods, state of the art facilities and services by:
• Providing high-quality instruction.
• Promoting dance safety. Building our ballet studio to the purpose, in the right shape and size, and equipped with professional ballet flooring and surface.
• Choosing carefully, the right environment most conducive for children learning ballet. English Ballet Academy is located in the Education Centre in Sutera Mall, right beside My Library.
• Ensuring each student enjoys sufficient attention.
• Offering well-structured program based on effective methodology.
• Promoting safe dance practice. EBA observes minimum ages for each stage of training ensure that it is age appropriate to the development and maturity of the child.
• Taking care of our students’ well-being. Above measures mean that our students can dance freely and safely.
On the whole, we value each child is a gift. Not only we care for the children’s well-being, but also we put safety and fun first.
Enjoyment, Encouragement, Expression and Excellence is our core school philosophy. We sincerely aim to promote ballet education, revolutionizing the quality of ballet education in southern Malaysia.
Visit us at English Ballet Academy. Call us on 019-711 5923 (CN)/ +65 91555513 (EN) or 017-9056668 (EN). Alternatively, you may also leave your contact here Contact Us.
We'll get in touch with you soonest possible. Look forward to seeing you at English Ballet Academy!
Access to E-Parents Online:
We believe discipline in ballet training is the key to your child's learning sucess. There are dress code, discipline policy and administrative procedures to follow. All parents will have access to "E-Parents" for all information.
Formal Communication:
All Notification is through emails and sends electronically directly to parent's inbox. It is the responsibility of Parents/Guardians to ensure maintaining an updated working email address with the Academy's Registrar.
Intro to School System:
As new parents, please take note the ballet school system:
  • SIX terms each year, total 44 study weeks. Fee pay by term. Next term fee dues 2 weeks before current term end. Each term is 2 months (8 weeks).
  • The Academy determines 4 weeks Term Break per year.
  • Registration is confirmed only upon full payment of the fee, on the first-come-first-serve basis.
  • New students may join a class that has already commenced. The fee is by proration. After which, full-term shall apply.
  • Students will only be allowed to attend the class after payment is received.
  • No refund of fees for any classes missed by students under any circumstances. Likewise, no concession of fee for the period of overseas vacation. If your child will be away for extended period over 4 weeks, you may consult the Academy in advance. We will advise on a case-by-case basis.
  • Termination is only possible at the end of each term. No refund for anyone who leaves the course prematurely.
  • Students who wish to withdraw are required to pay term fee up to the last day of the lesson of current term. Deposit will be refunded on the last day of lesson. Subject to ONE-month written-notice before current term end date is served, and no outstanding fees.
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EnglishBallet™ School Notification System: All school notifications are through email directly addressed to parents. Please kindly ensure that your email address is correct and update with us should there be any changes. One email address per student. The school notification system is computerised. Once you are registered in our system, the system will not leave anyone out, unless there are issues with your email address that led to a delivery error. If you do not find the school email notifications in your Inbox, please check "Spam" and make sure that you put English Ballet Academy to your "Safe Contact List".


Privileged Access to E-PARENTS.

E-PARENTS is an exclusive privilege for the parents whose child/children are studying ballet at English Ballet Academy™.

You will require a password to access to E-Parents. If you do not have one, please contact the ballet school admin and quote your child’s full name with the class that you are registered in.

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