“It has been a joy dancing with Ms Chiam for the past 7 years. Ms Chiam’s passion for dance is truly inspiring!”

It has been a joy dancing with Ms Chiam for the past 7 years:) Ms Chiam’s passion for dance is truly inspiring! This manifests not only in her multiple award-winning choreographies but also in the way she teaches ballet.
Ballet lessons are enjoyable yet fruitful, where we learn how to execute movements with the right technique and how to grasp the distinct flavour and spirit behind each piece.
Patient yet firm, Ms Chiam genuinely cares for each dancer and seeks to understand our lives outside ballet. Also, she has a keen eye for detail and often introduces novel ways of teaching. She see us as what we could potentially be, than what we are. She constantly encourages us to keep pushing ourselves beyond our self-imposed limits. I have grown to love ballet and dance under her tutelage! 🙂 🙂

– Liting Zhang


“what makes Ms Chiam special as an educator is her ability to let her students enjoy the process of learning.”

I have been under Ms Chiam’s tutelage since 2007. I have her to thank for making me the ballerina I am today. She has been one of my biggest inspirations and easily the most influential person in my life as a dancer.

Under Ms Chiam’s guidance, I was able to grasp a strong foundation in dance and establish a solid ballet technique for myself. Ms Chiam has consistently emphasized on the importance of technique, and this allowed her students to build the necessary technique to be skilled and versatile dancers in any genre of dance. Furthermore, she also has a keen eye for detail, never allowing so much as a finger to go out a shape, and pushes her students to the best of their abilities given their individual capacity.

She never fails to highlight the importance of performance. Every exercise that we do in class is always done like a piece to be performed onstage in front of an audience. She has groomed me to not simply be a ballerina who is merely familiar with ballet movements but a performer who is able to engage the audience.

Ultimately, what makes Ms Chiam special as an educator is her ability to let her students enjoy the process of learning. In all nine years I have had with her, there was not a single class without laughter, not a single class I did not enjoy. She has instilled in me perhaps the most important aspect of dance: to express myself through the art form and to enjoy every moment of it. She has been patient, dedicated and inspiring; for that I will always be grateful.

English Ballet Academy| JB Ballet School

“Thank you Ms Chiam!”


– Kyung Tae Lee

I have been in JB for more than 10 years now and I have never seen anyone teach so well how to control their movement. 


Review English Ballet Academy from student’s parent

Very grateful of the principal’s professional technique and skills, and patience to teach. She helped my daughter overcome numerous years of technical obstacles and weaknesses within a short period of time.

Gratitude to English Ballet Academy, you have accomplished the impossible teaching tasks.


“Grateful of English Ballet Academy’s professional technical skills and patience”



Thank you note from Xun Ning’s parents

Thank you to take in our daughter at her young age to develop her interest in ballet. Xun Ning without any doubt will always look forward to attend ballet class in the weekend.

Along 1 year plus, Xun Ning has learnt a lot. I think it is the effort of you and the other teachers’ enthusiasm and guidance in the school.

On behalf of Xun Ning, we are grateful to the school and nice memory mark in her life.

– From Low Xun Ning’s parents

Professional, patient and good temper

My daughter Charis started ballet lessons since 2013. She joined Ms Chiam’s class since 2015.
Ms Chiam’s ballet training is effective and good. My daughter learns a lot from her, and she said Ms Chiam is a good teacher.
Since Charis joined Ms Chiam’s class, she enjoyed herself in ballet. From a person who is afraid to face exam, and now grew into someone who is looking forward to taking part in the ballet exam. In additional, wishing to improve constantly.
Ms Chiam is a great and kind teacher as I can see- professional, patient and good temper. Under the tutelage of Ms Chiam, Charis has grown well. From a girl who was very shy and doesn’t like to perform in public, to a girl who is brave to perform and enjoyed it very much!

Finally, my daughter has become more confident, braver, happier after training with Ms Chiam. I saw the difference. I will recommend the Academy to others.

– From Melanie Selva

Ms Chiam put her heart and soul into ensuring aspiring ballerinas enjoy their lessons without fail every week. Thank you, Ms Chiam, for being part of building the foundation for my little Soraya’s active lifestyle!

– From Taufik Ahmad Raja, parent of Sofia Soraya.




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