E-Learning Online

New learning mode

Children need to continue learning and growing amidst the pandemic, even at the time of uncertainty. For the safety and comfort of all, our ballet and gymnastics lessons are conducted in the virtual classroom.

Why online lessons?

Different from learning with videos, our lessons are not pre-recorded. All lessons are conducted “Live”, having 2-way communication between the child and teacher. Our students get immediate feedback and correction for their work, similar to an offline/onsite/face-to-face lesson. According to the students’ performance and learning pace, lessons are adjusted according to the students’ needs. In addition, we incorporate technology into our classroom to enhance students’ learning and understanding of the concepts. These ensure our children’s learning but without the discomfort of wearing a mask and worrying about disease transmission.

Our effort and commitment to good practices

Our mission is to bring out the best in each student. The online learning programme is to ensure our children’s learning and minimise the risk of disease transmission during exceptional circumstances, such as a pandemic.

Not our student yet?

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