Melanie, Charis’s mommy

My daughter Charis started ballet since 2013. She joined Ms Chiam’s class since 2015.
Ms Chiam’s ballet training is effective and good. My daughter learns a lot from her and she said Ms Chiam is a good teacher.
Since Charis joined Ms Chiam’s class, she enjoyed herself in ballet. From a person who is afraid to face exam, and now grew into someone who is looking forward to take part in the ballet exam and wish to improve constantly.
Ms Chiam is a great and kind teacher as I can see- professional, patient and good temper. Under tutelage of Ms Chiam, Charis has grew from a girl who was very shy and doesn’t like to perform in public, to a girl who is brave to perform and enjoyed it very much! My daughter has become more confident, braver, happier after training with Ms Chiam.
Although the school fees may be slightly higher, I understand the necessity of it. I will recommend the academy to others.
-Melanie, Charis’s mommy

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